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Blue Collar Pet Transport offers shared, private and air pet transportation services in North America. We treat your pets like family, not cargo.

BCPT logo.Blue Collar Pet Transport has been helping owners transport their dogs and cats since 2019. BCPT strives to have your pet′s move be as safe, comfortable and stress-free as possible. We pay particular attention to details such as routing, weather, road conditions and other factors that may affect your pet(s) travel, comfort, and safety. 

Your pets are our family, and we treat them with nothing but the highest level of respect.

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PSA: Beware of Fraudulent Pet Relocation Companies

While there are many dog and cat transport companies out there claiming to be the best, many of them WILL scam you and put your pets at risk. In short, be on the look-out for shady and malicious behavior.

How It Works

Whether you’re moving into a new home, relocating, or sending your dog or cat home for the first time, we have the experience you need to provide a safe and comfortable trip for your furry family member. Check out the process below.


We understand our clients have many questions about their pet’s journey, ranging from the food we provide to the standard cleaning procedures we abide by. We answer these questions and more in our frequently asked questions section.

Shipping Services

We offer door-to-door transportation for dogs and cats weighing less than 200 pounds within North America. Our pet transport services include pet purchase fraud protection, insurance coverage, etc.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services that accommodates everyone’s needs. So whether you are on a budget or need to get your pet to its destination quickly, BCPT has you covered. Feel free to learn more about our dog and cat shipping services below.

Shared Ride

Shared Ride is our most economical form of transport where your pet will tag along with others on a pre-planned route. While it is our least costly form of transport, your pet will still receive the highest level of care.

Private Ground

BCPT's private relocation services are one-on-one and allow your pet to get to its destination as soon as possible. Feel like spoiling your pet? This is the one to get for your dog or cat.

Escorted Air

We can fly your pets under 20 pounds anywhere in North America. A trusted flight nanny will accompany your dog or cat in the airplane cabin, and not the cargo hold!

Private Jet

Our private jet service is definitely for those who expect the highest level of care and time savings. Your pet will be flown directly to its destination on a private jet.

Central Florida

Given that we are based in Orlando, Florida, we provide local door-to-door pet relocation services at a low cost. While we service all of North America, we have to care for our Floridians!

Your Ride, Your Pet

For those who need to transport their vehicles in addition to their pets, we can handle both while saving you time and money with our Your Ride, Your Pet service.

Did you know we offered 24 / 7 tracking for our private transport services?

Why Blue Collar Pet Transport?

Blue Collar Pet Transport is committed to making your pet relocation process as easy as possible. Our genuine love for animals, USDA and IPATA certifications, top-of-the-line pet insurance, extensive training, and years of experience make us the best choice for your pet transport needs.

USDA Certified

BCPT is willing to provide legitimate proof that we are USDA registered and IPATA certified. While many pet moving companies claim they are, we can actually prove it. This ensures your dog or cat is in good hands.

Insured and Covered

BCPT is insured and covered if something goes wrong during pet relocation. We pride ourselves on doing good business and ensuring your pets are taken care of.

Commitment to Excellence

Not only do we want you to have a great transport experience, we want you to come back and use us again. We are committed to making sure you and your pets are happy. Feel free to check out our Google reviews to see what others had to say about us.

CPR Certified

Our first aid and CPR-certified drivers allow clients to feel confident about their pet's safety while on board - click here to learn more about the life-saving assistance our staff is trained to administer to your loved one.

More Than Just Companions

They are the best greeting after your long day of work, they share half the bed with you, and they are the most unconditional friends you will ever have. Your pets are more than just your companions; they are a part of your family. So why would you trust their care, comfort, or safety with anyone but the best?

At Blue Collar Pet Transport, we’ve been helping owners move their pets with the same care and compassion as our own since 2019. We know that transporting pets can be a nerve-wracking event for both pets and owners, and we aim to make that journey as stress-free as possible for both parties.

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Learning is a crucial part of the pet transport process. Check out our most recent posts below!

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