Approved Dog Breeders

Leilani Dobermans

Leilani Dobermans and German Pinschers is proud to be the breeder of quality Dobermans and German Pinschers. Our line is proven in the conformation and performance rings as well as providing support as service dogs.

Feliland Cattery

Feliland Cattery is a family-house based cattery. Their cattery is registered with The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) and The International Cat Association (TICA). They work with the best champion bloodlines from Europe and breed plush British Shorthair Kittens in a rare Black Silver Shaded, Black Golden Shaded and Chinchilla colors.

Outlaw Kennel Cane Corsos

Outlaw Cane Corso are Traditional Cane Corso breeders. They are located in the Heflin area of Louisiana (close to Texas and Arkansas state lines). Their popularity is due to the fact that they only breed for the Traditional Guardian Cane Corso type.
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We are taking appropriate measures to maintain the health and safety of our drivers, pets, and clients. This includes practicing social distancing, sanitizing our vehicles frequently, and following any other guidelines outlined by the Federal Government.

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