Making Your Pet’s Journey Comfortable and Safe

Traveling with your pets can be fun so long as you know how to do it right. Stay organized by preparing all the things you need before the travel to avoid problems down the road. Never leave home without your pet’s essential kit or vaccination, as you’ll likely need them, especially when you’re traveling outside the state. Don’t worry; we can help you in making your pet’s journey comfortable and safe.

Pet Travel on the Road

When traveling with your pets by car, it’s essential that you prep them first before a long journey. Consider taking shorter trips with them inside your car. Do this when your pet has never traveled with you in the car before. This can help your pet become more comfortable when on the road. Below are some of our helpful tips for a safe and smooth trip with your furry friend. 

Always Check With Your Vet First 

This is the first thing you need to do before traveling with your pet. You need to ensure that your pet is actually healthy and safe to travel either by plane or by car. Keep in mind that pets who have had health issues may not always be a good candidate for travel. You’ll need to speak with your vet on what you can do about this and what your options are. Depending on where you’re going, your vet may advise you to get some vaccinations done or other tests to ensure that your pet is indeed safe to travel. 

Buy a Well-Ventilated and Safe Crate for Them

As much as possible, keep your pet secured in the backseat to avoid accidents. When buying a crate, choose one large enough for your pets to either lie down or stand. They should have more room in their crate to make it more comfortable for them. Also, don’t forget to provide them with their favorite toy to help them stay calm. 

Confining them in the crate can help you focus on your driving. You won’t have to always watch your pet while they roam around in the car. 

Prepare a Travel Kit for Your Pet

Your pet also needs his essentials packed in a travel kit. Bring your pet’s toy, grooming supplies, medication, pet health certification, or any travel documents, food, and other important things your pet may need. Ensure that you have plenty of water available for them. It will let you avoid having to feed them inside the car. Do they have a favorite pillow or a blanket? Don’t forget to pack it. That won’t only make them comfortable, but it will also make them behave while on the road. 

Consider Having a Companion

While it’s not really necessary, you may consider asking your friend or family member to accompany you, especially when you have a bigger pet with you in the car. Although they will be inside the crate, you may still need assistance. Having a partner who also cares about pets can really help. They can assist or even play with your pet while you’re driving. That way, you won’t be distracted. 

Never Leave Them Alone

If you’re traveling with them, ensure that you never, under any circumstances, leave them inside the car. When the temperature is so high, your pet could have a heatstroke. You’d want to avoid this and keep him safe at all times. 

Make it Fun for Them

Your travel doesn’t have to be boring; you can make it fun for your pets by stopping on interesting or beautiful spots. You can stop every 2 hours and have a short walk with them or play with them for a few minutes. Just never leave them inside the car unattended. Before traveling, you can google what parks or places are pet-friendly and make sure that it’s in your route. 

Take a Walk or Play With Them Before a Long Trip

Before putting them in the car, you may want to consider taking a walk with your pet first or playing with them so they can break a sweat. This will tire them out, which means that they will be less physically active while on the road. They will be more calm and relaxed during your travel. 

Prepare for Emergencies

Before traveling, make sure that you have already prepared your pet’s identification, just in case he gets lost. Consider getting a pet GPS tracker, if available. Buy patterned or unique collars and write your contact information, including the places you intend to take your pet. That will make it easier for someone to contact you in case of emergencies. 

Bring a Photo of Your Pet

When a worst-case scenario happens, it’s always best to be prepared for it. You may have a photo of your pet on your phone, but we recommend that you bring a physical picture of your pet, just in case.

Traveling by Plane

When traveling with your pets by plane, it’s important that you research the requirements needed for pet travel. Thankfully for smaller pets, you can just place them under your seat. However, larger pets will need to be placed in cargo. 

To make it more comfortable for them, book direct flights whenever possible. Bring proper pet identification with you, and all the documentation needed too. If they’re in cargo, inform the people in charge so they can also check your pet from time to time. 

Consider Pet Relocation Services

One of the most effective ways to keep your pet safe and extra comfortable during travel is by hiring the right professionals or pet transport services to do it for you. We at Blue Collar Pet Transport have a team of experts dedicated to transporting pets safely from one location to another. Whether you need to ship your pet via car or plane, we can assist. We even offer Private Jet Pet Transport for faster transfer and Shared Ride Pet Transport for those on a budget. We at the pet transport industry cater to everyone as we want to help pet owners. Contact us if you need assistance. 

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