Pet Transport Pricing Calculator

Pet Transport Pricing Calculator

Are you interested in our shared rides, expedited private rides, or our in-cabin flights (20lbs max)? If so, take a look at the details for each below to get a better idea of which is right for you and your furry family member today!

Shared Ride Pet Transport

Shared Riding saves money by adding your pet to a set route. Delivery time frames will be given to you before you make your reservation by our route coordinator. The rate for shared riding is $0.50 per mile plus a $450 handling fee in the United States. For Canada, the rate is $1.00 per mile with a $900 handling fee. Lastly, our 2 man shared ride option is $0.85 per mile with a $900 handling fee. Any additional pet is 50% off the original rate.

Private Pet Transport

Private / Expedited Transport is a service that offers a direct transport for your pet in your exact time frame. With private / expedited transport, we can pick up on whatever day and time you request and delivery will be direct from pick up with no stops. The rate for expedited transport is $1.00 per mile plus a $900 handling fee (per pet) in the United States. Our 2 man, Canada, and Alaska private transport options are all $1.50 per mile with a $1800 handling fee. Furthermore, your pet is never crated during the transport unless requested.

In Cabin Air Pet Transport

In Cabin Air Transport is our fastest form of transport for pets weighing under 20 lbs. We provide everything needed for flights. We do not have any breed restrictions for cat and dog breeds and your pet is never put in cargo. You meet our flight handler in the departure section of the airport just like you would if you were dropping off any family member at the airport. Our handler will be outside waiting to receive your pet and health certificate. All flights are same-day drop off anywhere they need to go when you choose our escorted flight option. Pets must be 20 lbs or less to use this option. There is no breed restrictions with any of our options. No matter what option you choose, your pet will be handled with the best care and will always be treated as a family member by Blue Collar and not cargo! In Cabin Air Transport is between $1500 and $2500 in the 48 contiguous states, while it is between $2500 and $7500 for Hawaii, Alaska, and international flights. Lastly, your final rate is subject to fees based on the airline utilized.

All transport services comes with USDA approved kennels, purified water, multiple exercise breaks (not for cats and puppies under 11 weeks), disposable litter pans and pet bedding, individual pet insurance, and 24/7 driver access.

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