Pet Transport Pricing

Costs of Pet Relocation

Are you interested in our ground or air relocation services? If so, take a look at the details for each below to get a better idea of which is right for you and your furry family member today!

Shared Ride Pet Transport

Shared-ride pet transport saves money by adding your pet to a set route with 2 to 5 other pets on board. All shared-ride bookings must be paid for a week in advance; otherwise, an expedition fee of $500 will be assessed. A 7 to 14-day pick-up window will be provided to you when you make your reservation by your sales agent. Animals are in transport anywhere from 1 to 10 days (however, travel times may vary).

Private Pet Transport

Private pet transport is a service that offers direct transport for your pet in an exact time frame (private ride 2 to 5-day pickup window, expedited private 1 to 2 days, two-man private no window required).

All transport services come with USDA-approved kennels, purified water, multiple exercise breaks (not for cats or puppies under eight weeks), disposable litter pans and pet bedding, individual pet insurance, and 24 / 7 driver access (for private transport only).

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