Private Pet Transport

One-On-One Relocation Services

Private pet transport is the highest level of service Blue Collar Pet Transport offers. With our private transport service, your pet(s) will be taken directly to their destination. We can pick your pet(s) up on whatever day you choose and drop them off on the best day for you. Feel free to check out the video below explaining our most popular service, private pet transport.

Who is Blue Collar Pet Transport?

Blue Collar Pet Transport is a pet relocation and shipping company that puts your loved ones first. We have been transporting pets since 2019 and pride ourselves on making your pets relocation experience as easy as possible. We offer shared ride, private, and air pet transport to accommodate all your needs. In addition to being USDA registered, we are also insured in order to protect your loved ones.

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Why Private Pet Transport?

Pet transport can often be a stressful experience. This can be due to a number of factors, including age, size and health. Blue Collar Pet Transport recommends every pet give our private pet transport experience a shot. However, we HIGHLY encourage our customers with older or large pets to utilize private pet transport. Blue Collar Pet Transport has experienced handlers that provide the highest level of care for your loved one(s). If you have any questions, feel free to use our live chat or contact us here.

Need to Transport Your Vehicle?

We understand that some of our customers also need to transport their vehicles in addition to their pets. Rather than making your find a separate service provider for your vehicle, our experienced staff can handle transporting your vehicles as well as your pets. By choosing us, you will save time and money by letting us handle both aspects of your relocation process.

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Key Benefits

Private Pet Transport by Blue Collar Pet Transport offers the maximum level in customer service and care for your pet(s). If you have any questions or your curious about our pricing, feel free to contact us. Additionally, we also offer shared ride and escorted air pet transport, which is worth checking out. 

Luxury Care

We want to ensure that your pet(s) will be as comfortable as possible when with us. Between our driving team and our on-board amenities, we can accomplish that.

Customized Experience

When we stop for breaks, your pet(s) will be given 30 minute walks. We can also do exactly what you want with regards to the pet(s), whatever that may be.

Constant Updates

You can request pictures at any time during your pet’s journey, and you will also have access to their location by tracking via a mobile app.

Last Minute

We will work around YOUR schedule and when you need pet transport done. We can get your pet(s) anywhere you need quickly.

Experienced Handler

Blue Collar Pet Transport only hires the best, and we will make sure your pet(s) are properly taken care of along the ride.

Ready to book private transport, or have some questions? Contact us by pressing the button below!


Feel free to check out some of our testimonials. We want to make our customers happy so they leave good reviews! If you are interested in private pet transport, feel free to contact us here.

We were very pleased with three exceptional service we received by Blue Collar Pet Transport.
Jare B
Happy Customer
What an amazing experience with this company. My dog was brought to my mother safe and sound.
Kaneil W
Happy Customer
Great service, used to fly dog from CA to NY booked 2 days in advance and everything went well.
Danny K
Happy Customer
Coronavirus DisclaimerA message to all our customers.

We are taking appropriate measures to maintain the health and safety of our drivers, pets, and clients. This includes practicing social distancing, wearing masks, sanitizing our vehicles frequently, and following any other guidelines outlined by the Federal Government.

Thank you!

- Blue Collar Pet Transport Management

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