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The Pros and Cons of Pet Relocation

Do you want to take those paid vacation days to de-stress and take your beloved pet with you? Traveling with a pet can be difficult, but the good news is that you can use pet relocation services for it.

For an American moving, the average number is 11.7 times in their lifetime. With most of the US population being pet owners, moving around with a pet can be tricky. Shipping a dog, cat, fish, or other types of pets won’t come to your mind first.

Who wants to think about letting their pet experience what it’s like to get treated like regular cargo? With pet relocation, you can rest assured that your pet gets transported well.

Keep reading below for our guide on the pros and cons of pet relocation.

Pro: Experience

Who doesn’t want to share their adventures with their furry best friends? If you also want your dog or cat to see new places and meet new friends, you’d want to bring your pet along. It’s better than going on your trip and wishing your pet was there to experience it with you.

Don’t forget about the memories you’ll make with your pet next to you. Dogs are especially great for taking on trips because they’re adventurous. They also love hanging out with their owners, and you’ll no doubt enjoy hanging out with them in new places.

Pro: You Worry Less and Know Your Pet Is Safe With You

This is another big benefit of bringing your pet with you on vacation. While you’re lounging in the hotel, on the beach, or on a mountain, your mind won’t drift to your pet. You won’t have to think about things like, “I wonder how my dog is right now.”

Your dog will be right there next to you, enjoying the views of your adventure. Pet relocation doesn’t only bring your pet to your vacation destination. It also cuts your anxieties about leaving your pet behind.

Pro: Convenience During Traveling or Moving

Even though it’s exciting and fun to see new places, going to the airport or taking a long ride can be exhausting. Add to that the trouble of finding airlines that allow pet travel. Using any old shipping marketplace can be terrible for your pet, so that’s not an option.

A pet relocation service takes away the hassle of moving or traveling with a pet. They’ll take care of your pet’s transportation so you can focus on other matters.

If you’re moving, you can pay more attention to your things and furniture. If you’re going on vacation, you can concentrate on your hotel reservations. You can also properly plan your activities and attend to your luggage.

Con: Pet Relocation Can Be Pricey

Moving and going on vacation can be quite expensive. The average vacation cost of a 4-night domestic trip costs $581 or $144 per day. An international trip that lasts 12 nights will cost an average of $3,251 or $271 per day.

Traveling with a pet is expensive. You need to pay pet fees on your flights, hotels, and more. If it’s your first time traveling with your pet, you also need to buy travel items for it.

Pet relocation can take a pretty penny, but it’s better than leaving your pet in a pet hotel. Some people also don’t like the idea of leaving their pet to a friend or relative. If they use pet relocation to travel with their pet, they can make memories and new experiences.

At Blue Collar Pet Transport, we offer our services to those who are on a budget. We want every pet owner to experience what it’s like to see new places with their pets. We have services that will give your pets an excellent transport experience.

Con: Entrusting Your Pet to Others Can Be Risky

Like all other businesses, some pet transport services aren’t as they market themselves to be. Some are fraudulent pet transport companies. These companies will only take your pet, money, or both, but they won’t stick to their promises.

This can ruin a vacation or your move. Even legitimate companies can take away your trust in pet transport service providers. While some companies may mistreat or mishandle your pet.

Con: Scheduling Conflicts and Issues

Sometimes, uncontrollable events or weather can put a wrench in your plans. Let’s say the pet transport company already took your pet and is shipping it to the destination. However, your flight got canceled because of bad weather.

The scheduled time of picking up your pet can get delayed. The pet transport company may also get delayed while shipping dogs across the sea. There is always a risk of scheduling issues when you’re not traveling to a destination with your pet.

How Does Pet Relocation Work?

Are you considering using Blue Collar Pet Transport to transport your pet? If you are, you’re likely curious about how our process of pet relocation works. Your first step is to get a quote by calling us or going to our main page.

We’re going to ask questions about your pet’s weight, how you want to transport your pet, and more. Here, you’ll also pick from our five offered pet transport services. Once you select the type of transport service, we’ll arrange the pickup and drop-off schedules.

When preparing for transport, include necessities like food, restraints, and bedding. You’ll also need to get a certificate of health from the vet. At delivery, you or the recipient must provide an ID and other necessary documents.

Once it reaches us, we’ll transport your pet to one of our vehicles and bring it to its destination. We ensure that all pets are comfortable and stress-free during their trip. You can let us know how you liked our services after the pet relocation gets done.

Keep Your Pet Happy With Pet Relocation Services

Those are the pros and cons of hiring pet relocation companies. Now, you know the benefits and the risks involved in pet relocation. Always keep this information you learned today in mind when you hire a pet transport service.

Are you looking for the best cross-country dog transport company? Visit the Blue Collar Pet Transport contact page today to find out how you can transport your pet to new places.

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