Beware of pet transport scams!

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Shipping Marketplace

Your pet isn’t just any ordinary cargo; it’s a precious one, and that’s why you should choose a solid, reliable and reputable shipping company to transport it. It’s vital to select a registered professional pet shipper that adheres to the set rules regarding animal welfare.

Picking the right pet transporter plays a crucial role in ensuring your pet gets the right treatment while in transit. Shipping marketplaces aren’t the ideal place to seek pet transportation services, and here is why:

Lack of Professional Training in Handling Pets

Ordinary shipping marketplaces lack special training on how to handle pets while in transit. When transporting your pet from one destination to another, it’s essential to consider using the services of a registered and licensed pet transporter.

Shipping marketplaces transport a range of cargo in the same van, and that environment may not be the best option to transport your pet in. Besides, they cannot handle your pet safely and professionally.

The best pet shippers are registered with the Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA). This professional body ensures that the transporters adhere to regulations guiding how pets should be transported.

Lack of Door-to-Door Relocation Services

Unlike professional pet shippers, most shipping marketplaces don’t offer door-to-door pet relocation services. Instead, they’ll request you to pick your cargo from their closest offices.

However, professional pet shipping companies handle all the travel arrangements and ensure your pet is delivered to your doorstep or any other ultimate destination you’ve indicated.

As highlighted earlier, pets are a special form of cargo and should be handled differently. In addition, the pet pickup and delivery services should conform to the regulations and restrictions regarding animal transport.


Since typical shipping marketplaces have no specialized training and experience dealing with pets, they may lack the necessary ethics for handling your pet during transportation.

This isn’t the case if you use a professional pet shipper because they ensure all ethical considerations are adhered to even in airlines. Pets are live animals that must be transported in the most humane way possible to avoid stress and fatigue.

Lack of Necessary Paperwork

If you’re moving your pet from one destination to another, your pet needs to have the right paperwork. Your pet needs these documents before they can be allowed to enter a different country.

Some shipping marketplaces may not have sufficient information on the documentation that is needed for international travel. That’s why you should use a professional shipper to transport your pet from one country to another. They will ensure all the needed documents are in place to avoid any hassles or denial of entry.

For example, some countries require each pet to have a passport or to undergo specific quarantine periods. Also, when an established pet shipper transports your pet over long distances, the experience is less stressful.

Prone to Scams

Shipping marketplaces are more prone to scams compared to professional pet shippers. If you purchase a pet online, you should get a receipt for the transaction. This isn’t the case with most shipping marketplaces.

However, if you use a professional pet shipper, you can avoid online scams since they have the experience and expertise to identify possible online pet scams.

Handling Pet Disasters

Professional pet shippers have the experience and skills to handle any pet disaster that may occur during transportation. Some main disasters that may occur during transportation include injuries and separation anxiety.

It’s your duty to ensure your pet is safe and secure during transport. That’s why you should choose the best pet transport service to handle the task. Professional shipping companies have the right equipment, tools and personnel to ensure your pet is comfortable and safe during transport. 

Pet shippers hire experts in pet care to ensure the transfer of pets from one place to another is handled professionally and is less stressful.

May Not Provide Special Care to Pets

Unlike puppies, large dogs are more difficult to transport. In addition to your pet’s safety and well-being, it’s vital to ensure your pet gets the right treatment during transportation. For instance, flying your snub-nose breed, older dog, or an exotic breed can be challenging.

Shipping marketplaces may not have the skills and experience to handle your pet as required. They may consider them normal luggage, handling them or putting them in conditions that can be tough for the pet to cope with. That’s why you need to work with the best pet transporter to move your pet from one place to another. Pet relocation specialists working with pet shippers ensure your pet gets the required attention before, during and after transportation.

Care Beyond Transportation

Consider a case where you’re relocating overseas, and you want to move with your pet. Since you’ll use a plane to move to your new location, your pet must be handled in the best way possible to ensure they don’t suffer any harm during transportation.

Shipping marketplaces may not have sufficient knowledge and skills to care for your pet during travel. For instance, if moving to your new home requires you to book a flight that will have several stopovers, a professional pet shipper will ensure your pet gets some food, relieves itself and takes a light walk during the stopover to relax.

The same process is undertaken before your pet is moved into a climate-controlled truck, but this may not be possible with a shipping marketplace.

Lack of Dedicated Pet Transport Services

Most shipping marketplaces transport their general cargo, hazardous goods and perishables together with live animals. Since they don’t have specialized training on handling pets during travel, they may transport your pet alongside products that may be hazardous to the animal.

That’s why you should not consider a shipping marketplace as the best option to transport your pet. The good news is that professional pet shippers only transport live animals, thus you’ll have no worries that your pet will be exposed to anything that can harm them during transport.

Choose the Best Pet Transporter Today!

If you want to move your pet from one place to another, you shouldn’t use a shipping marketplace due to the reasons we’ve highlighted above. Your pet is a precious companion that needs utmost care during transportation.

Working with a reputable pet shipper is the only way of ensuring your pet is safe and secure during travel. Contact us today for comprehensive details on how to transport your pet from place to place using a renowned pet shipper. Our pet relocation specialists will be ready to answer all your queries and transport your lovely companion to your next destination stress-free!

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