About Us

Our Mission Statement

Blue Collar Pet Transport puts your loved ones first. We treat your pets like family. 

We pride ourselves in handling pet transport safely, comfortably and efficiently.

Four dogs on a walk in the park.

Who is Blue Collar Pet Transport?

Blue Collar Pet Transport is a nationwide USDA Certified pet relocation and shipping company that puts your loved ones first. We have been helping pet owners transport their animals since 2019. Blue Collar strives to have your dogs and cats move be as safe, comfortable and stress-free as possible. We have an amazing staff including a veterinarian technician, a customer service department, reservation agents and logistics specialists working together 365 days a year to ensure that your transport is handled safely and efficiently.

Our Values

Safety is our highest priority when it comes to transporting your pet. We know that your pets are an important member of every family, and we take special precautions to make sure they arrive at their destination safely, including:

We pay particular attention to details such as routing, weather-related delays, and road conditions when we begin our journey with your pet to ensure timely delivery. We also perform the following tasks to give our clients peace of mind:

  • Regular Updates and Photos
  • Background Screening of Drivers and Handlers
  • Communication During Transport
  • Door to Door Pick Up and Drop Off

Once your pet enters our care, you can rest easy knowing they will receive the same love and attention we show our pets! We offer several amenities to make sure your loved one feels right at home, including:

  • Purified Water
  • Care for Special Needs Pets
  • Pet-Friendly Cleaning Supplies
  • USDA Approved Kennels
  • Regular Exercise

Our Staff

We continuously strive to provide the maximum amount of comfort and quality for both pets and owners by only hiring the best. BCPT performs background checks and ensures each pet shipping staff member is experienced in animal care. Our staff must pass our training program which includes pet handling, road safety and our in-house CPR & 1st Aid Certification Course.

Diversity & Inclusion

We pride ourselves on fostering a diverse and inclusive environment for our pets and staff. We realize including people and pets from all walks of life improves the quality of our organization and community. By practicing corporate social responsibility, we can make the world a better place while catering to the needs of our customers.

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