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4 Ways To Keep Your Pet Happy While Working From Home

Working from home is a huge luxury. Who doesn’t want to eliminate their commute, dress code, and avoid the lunchtime rush? 

Another benefit is being able to work alongside your furry friend. Having your pet close by definitely makes the workday more enjoyable, but it’s also important to make sure your pet is happy with plenty to do while you are hard at work.  

We put together a list of four tips that will keep your pet happy while you are working from home. 

1. Stick To a Routine

If you are new to working from home, try not to mess with your pet’s daytime routine.

If your dog walker already established a routine, stick to that. Keeping up with that schedule will help alleviate confusion and reduce potential accidents. 

If you don’t have a routine established, set one. Get your pet’s meals, walks, and playtime on a schedule. Creating this routine will help keep you productive and your pet happy throughout the day.

2. Stock Up On Food and Supplies

Working from home for sure has its perks, you get extra time to make breakfast and can even squeeze in an at-home workout during lunch. One of the biggest luxuries is being able to run a quick errand without your boss giving you the side-eye. 

While the occasional midday errand can be extremely convenient, too many, too frequent, can become huge productivity killers. To help avoid that, make sure you have a full stock of food, treats, supplies, and everything else your pet may need before starting the week. 

3. Pamper Your Pet 

Another perk of working from home is not having to commute. By skipping rush hour, you can get up to 2+ hours of your day back. Take this time to give your pet a little TLC. Whether it’s an extra snuggle in the morning or more time at the park, your pet is bound to feel the love. 

And if you are looking to really spoil your furry friend, here are a few pampering tips that your pet will drool over. 

Make a special dinner

Take time to prepare a special dinner for your pet at least one night out of the week. Try recipes like crockpot dog food that way, you can start their food in the morning, and it will be all set by dinnertime. 

Give your pet a massage

Give your furry friend a little R&R with an at-home massage. Pet massages can help your pet relax and loosen up tight muscles. These massage techniques are super easy to learn and don’t require additional tools, take a look at PetMD guide on pet massages at home. 

4. Keep Them Entertained 

Keeping your pet entertained during work hours is essential to staying productive throughout the day. This is especially important when you are trying to meet a deadline or taking an important call. To avoid distractions or mishaps during your workday, here are a few tips that will keep your pet entertained and content while you work. 

Give your pet a toy that will challenge them. Try toys like interactive food puzzles or even a just a KONG filled with treats. 

Also, try making their space extra cozy by giving their bed or nook a mini makeover. Add fluffy pillows, invest in a cozy bed, or even add cute pictures of the two of you together to their space. These simple updates will ensure your pet is comfortable and happy while you are hard at work. 

Bottom Line

Of course, you want your furry friend by your side while you work. Just make sure they are comfortable and entertained throughout the day. Our four tips will help ensure your pet is happy while you are working from home.

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