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How to Take Your Pet Safely and Conveniently with You on Holiday Trips

Believe it or not, we are already hitting fall, and Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. Where did 2021 go? As the holidays approach, most of us will begin to make our travel plans for the busiest time of year and will get some sticker shock at the price of airline tickets (if the seats are even available). As you get ready to see relatives or go on vacation, what will you do with your little dog or cat buddy? While some people will choose to leave them at home and perhaps hire a pet sitter, others will want to take Rico or Allie along with them, as pets are family, too. Whether you will be going on a cross-country trip with your friend or will be flying them with Blue Collar Pet Transport, we have some suggestions for how to travel well with a friend who is never going to stop asking, “Are we there yet?”

Remember the Extremes in Weather at Holiday Time.

A lot of pets tragically die during the summer months due to being left unattended in cars, where temperatures can get well over 150 degrees. However, many dogs and cats will be very uncomfortable or can even be killed by temperatures that dip below freezing, so if you will be traveling to locations with extreme weather, please stay with your pet with the air conditioning or heat on.

Be Sure to Stay Vigilant at Rest Stops.

If you will be on a road trip with your family and pets, be careful when you stop for breaks. Dogs in particular will be ready to stretch their legs and may be a bit exuberant when they get out of the car. Be sure to have them under control so that there is no chance of them getting loose and becoming lost in an area that is unfamiliar to both of you. 

Consider Pet Relocation Services, As Airline Seats and Space for Pets Are Limited.

Seats on airplanes during holiday travel times go almost as quickly as they are released, and space for pets doesn’t fare any better. Even if you can get space, the airline may include connections, which will complicate your pet’s journey and increase the possibility of it getting lost or delayed. 

With Blue Collar Pet Transport, you, your family, and your pet can all travel together on a private plane, ensuring that everyone arrives together and eliminating the stress of connections. During the busiest travel time in America, it can be the perfect option for you and is more affordable than you may think.

Get Health Records and Carriers Well in Advance of Your Trip.

Many veterinarians will either go on vacation during the holidays or will see an increase in patients, making appointments harder to schedule, so be sure to reach out to your vet early if you need health records for your dog or cat’s trip. The same is true for carriers and any other trip items for the journey, as an increase in demand at this time of year might make it more difficult for you to purchase what you need.

Schedule Transport Early for That Christmas Puppy or Kitten.

If you are planning to surprise your family with a new puppy or kitten, Blue Collar Pet Transport highly recommends that you book ground or air travel for them so that it arrives in time for the holidays. We have private air transport, during which your fur baby will ride with a trained air nannie, as well as private or shared ground transport, which is just as comfortable and safe as riding on an airplane.

The Holidays Will Be Here Soon, So Please Start Planning!

Thanksgiving and Christmas are special times, and your dog or cat will want to spend them with you. Blue Collar Pet Transport recommends beginning to make your plans now so that when the most wonderful time of the year arrives, your furry loved ones will be with you, where they deserve to be.

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