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5 Best Pet Transport Companies

Animals are not just pets, they are a part of our family! We want to give them the best care possible and show them just how much we love them. 

Moving with a pet or long-distance travel is a great opportunity to use pet ground transport. Some of the benefits include less stress and tension for both you and your pet, it saves you time, and it is one of the safest options for your pet. 

Pet transport companies can take the stress out of the moving process and make everyone’s life better. 

That’s why choosing the best pet transport company possible is crucial. You need to make sure that they will handle your pet with as much love and care as you do. 

Here is a break-down of the five best pet transport companies.  

1. Blue Collar Transport 

Blue Collar Transportation is the premier pet transportation service around. They are USDA pet shipping certified and they stand at number one in our ranking.  

With Blue Collar Transportation, they only hire experienced and professional handlers to ensure your pet is in the best hands possible. 

Getting regular updates and photos of your pet on their travels will set your mind at ease. Part of the Blue Collar Transport mission is to be as dependable as possible while providing door to door service. 

Not only is dependability a core value of Blue Collar, but so is quality assurance. Feeding your pet grain-free food, purified drinking water, and using pet-friendly cleaning supplies are just some of the ways that they go above and beyond for your family pets. 

Put your mind at ease about traveling with your pet by looking through this blog with the seven best tips that make traveling with your pet easy!

2. Happy Tails Travel

At Happy Tails Travels they have been helping to get your pets to their new homes safely for over 25 years. They have a reputation for excellent service. 

They pride themselves on providing affordable pet transport prices for their customers to allow pet transport to be available to everyone who needs it. 

One of the things that Happy Tails Travel is an advocate for is the moving of all pets. We care about our family so much and our pets are no different. There are some limitations to which breeds can fly on airplanes. 

They offer private flying for pets who may be on the restricted list. You can also choose private flying for your pet if you are concerned about airline travel.  

Having an animal who is on the restricted breed list can feel overwhelming, look into everything you need to know about what to do in this article. 

Supporting the troops is a large part of how Happy Tails shows their thanks. Military moves can be sudden and frequent. You can rest assured that your pets will be well taken care of no matter the destination or time frame. 

3. TLC Pet Transport

All pets need a lot of tender love and care. At TLC Pet Transport they are ready to provide reliable transport to all family pets and provide them with the love they need. 

One of the ways that they take outstanding care of your pet is by only allowing 4 pets per minivan. This allows for the shortest trip and allows them to be more comfortable during their trip. 

They are also unique in the way that they do not use conventional cargo type vans because they seem to be less comfortable for the pets. 

You can also request a “family only” transportation package. This package is known to reduce the stress of your pets as you can ensure that they will only be traveling with other animals that they know. 

4. Starwood Animal Transport

Your pets will be the star of the show with Starwood animal transport. Starwood is a service that helps move your pets domestically and internationally. 

With Starwood Animal Transport, you know that your pet will be with one of the Starwood Animal Transport personnel each step of the way. 

Starwood offers taxi services to and from the airport, your home, the kennel, or even the groomers. You can be assured that no matter where you need your pet to go, they will get there safely with the best care. 

Knowing your pet is safe provides you with peace of mind while away from them. Starwood offers three levels of pet protection. You can add these protection plans to your service to ensure that there is no stress or worry when it comes to your travel. 

5. Citizen Shipper

At Citizen Shipper, each experience is customized for your individual needs. 

The experience you have at Citizen Shipper is unlike any other experience you will have. When you sign your family pets up for transport, you list all of the pet’s needs on moving day.

From there you get matched with the independent transport that works best for you. 

You can see actual reviews of each individual transport and ask any questions you need to ask before you commit to anything. Vetting these individual transport companies. 

If you are looking at all of the different ways of transport for your animal, you can reference the Human Society of The United States’ best safety tips for transporting animals. 

A Pet Transport Service You Can Trust

Blue Collar Transport truly is the number one pet transportation service for you and your furry family members. 

If you are about to move and are worried about your four-legged animal members have no fear! Blue Collar Transport is here to make sure that you know your pet is not cargo, they are living beings that will be well cared for. 

For when that big move happens, you can investigate more about what services we offer and get any of your questions answered through these blog posts. 

We can’t wait to help you and your whole family. If you are moving and are interested in booking services now, here is your opportunity. Safe travels!

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