D&J Pet Transport van stuffed with kennels.

BREAKING: D&J Pet Transport Van Stolen with 2 Dozen Dogs


On December 10th, 2019, a D&J Pet Transport van was stolen after left running overnight in a hotel parking lot. Not only was the van left running, there were over 2 DOZEN dogs in the vehicle. Luckily, the van was recovered in Oakland, California shortly after it went missing since it was being tracked via GPS. The dogs are reported as being okay, but under significant stress.

A Lesson to be Learned

This story is a prime example of why you should NOT elicit cheap pet transport services. The conditions those dogs were in is absolutely criminal, and is not acceptable whatsoever for a pet transport company.

When searching for a pet transport company, be sure to do your research. Feel free to check out our blog to learn about what you should look for in a reputable pet relocation company. We highly recommend spending the time to look at reviews, social media, and getting to know the business in greater detail. If you do not take this seriously, your pets lives could be at risk.

If you ever have any questions about pet transport, or the industry itself, feel free to contact Blue Collar Pet Transport. We have years of experience transporting pets, and we have consistently established ourselves as one of the top in the industry. As mentioned earlier, we have resources available where you can learn more about everything pet transport.

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