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How Does Pet Relocation Work?

40 million Americans move each year in the United States.

While most of these moves are local, some people move several states away, far away in the same state, or abroad.

67% of households in the United States own a pet, which means that when most people move abroad, they bring their pet with them, as any responsible owner would do.

But how do you move your pet when you’re going out of state or abroad? What about if you’re going for a vacation and want your furry friend with you?

In this article, we’ll discuss exactly how pet relocation works, so you’ll know what to expect when you move your pet with us.

Read on for more information.

Before the Move: the Paperwork

Before you move, you must find out what is needed for a pet to be allowed into the state or country. If you move internationally, there may be complicated paperwork and vet visits required before you move. You must have all of this work finished before your pet boards the plane so that there are no hiccups along the way.

Most countries will list these requirements somewhere online, and you must complete them within the allotted timeframe. You should be aware that in some countries if you want to avoid quarantine, your pet needs to begin the process of ensuring they are healthy several months in advance. Countries like the United Kingdom and Australia can be especially stringent in regards to these rules.

If you’re moving interstate or within your own state, you will need a certificate of good health from your vet. This is necessary for us, and it may need to be presented at the airport or when taking the pet into a new state.

Getting Ready

You can call us before choosing your mode of transportation and request a free quote. While you speak to us, you can feel free to ask us any questions about the process and your pet or pets’ needs.

Depending on the mode of transportation, you’ll need to provide us with bedding, food, restraints, muzzles, toys, and anything that will make your animal’s transport safe and comfortable. Your pet’s kennel will be cleaned every 2.5 hours, so you won’t need to worry about your pet soiling its kennel if they become anxious and having to sit in it.

You will also need a photo ID and signature for the person picking up the pet at the other end, so we know your pet is going home to the right person.

Choosing the Right Service for Your Pet

At Blue Collar Pet Transport, we have several services you can choose from to accommodate your pet or pets’ needs. We believe pets are living beings and will never put your pet in the cargo hold of an aircraft, and we have several options depending on your budget and travel location.

Shared Ride Pet Relocation

Shared ride pet relocation is the least glamorous option but is cost-effective. It also gives you peace of mind that your pet will be looked after by our experienced handlers and kept comfortable along the journey.

With shared ride pet relocation, your pet will travel with other pets on a preplanned route that goes across North America. We treat all pets on this route the same as we would on any other service: like they’re our own.

Air Pet Transport for Small Pets

If your animal weighs under 20lbs, your pet can fly with one of our experienced nannies who will accompany them in the cabin of the plane. Your pet will go in a soft carrier and sit in front of the nanny the entire ride. The nanny will check on them at regular intervals.

This is much faster than a shared ride relocation and allows you to fly without the hassle of also including your pet. This is particularly good when you’re moving with a lot of luggage and don’t have room to spare. It’s also a lifesaver for parents of young children who would otherwise be extremely stressed to keep an eye on both the pet and the children.

Private Pet Transportation

Private pet transportation is perfect for a larger animal that would otherwise go into cargo hold on an airplane. With this service, your pet is treated like our own as they travel with an experienced handler across the United States and directly to your destination of choice.

With this service, you can also utilize our car transportation. Instead of having to find a car transport service on top of a pet transport service, you’ll have both at once! This will save you time, money, and stress.

Private Jet

Do you want to arrive in style with your pet in tow? Look no further than our chartered private jet option. Although the priciest of our options, it allows you and your pet to fly together and avoid the stress of being separated. While your pet may be anxious, they’ll at least be comforted knowing their best friends are with them.

Local Central Florida Transport

Do you want your pet transported in Central Florida for you? We can bring your pet in a private car anywhere they need to go. We can bring your pet from the airport to your home or anywhere else they need to be within the area.

Pet Relocation with Peace of Mind

Our pet relocation process is smooth and simple, with your pet’s needs and comfort at the forefront. We provide relocation methods for almost any budget to help streamline the moving or extended vacation process for your best friend.

Contact us now to get the process started.

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