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How Does Pet Transport Work?

Do you need to have your pet relocated? If you’re wondering how pet transport works and what the requirements to have your pet transported are, you’ve come to the right place. Just like any other delicate treasure, it’s imperative to have your pets transported safely and comfortably. Hiring a professional pet transportation company is your best bet to ensuring your pet’s smooth relocation.

Read on to know how pet transport works, pet transportation requirements, and how to know the best pet transportation company.

What are the Basic Requirements for Pet Transportation

Pet transport is almost similar to that of humans: some rules and regulations must be adhered to. Before transporting your pet, keep in mind the following requirements and considerations.

1. Documentation

Before every pet transport process, put together all your pet’s documentation. One of the documents you’re going to need is your pet’s original health certificate. The documents must be accredited and approved by a professional veterinarian ten days before departure time.

If you’re transporting your pet internationally, your pet needs a rabies vaccination that’s at least less than a year old and over 30 days old. Depending on the destination, you’re going to need some special documentation that may take up to six weeks to acquire.

2. Federal Endorsement

If you’re transporting your pet overseas, you’re going to need a federal endorsement of a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI). The purpose of this document is to prove that your pet has undergone the necessary health inspections.

You can quickly get this through the Veterinary Service Office (VS) of the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS). Always keep a copy of these documents with you as you may require them to proceed with the pet transportation process.

3. Pet Crate

If you truly love your pet, you’ll want it to travel comfortably, and one of the best ways to ensure this is getting a comfy pet crate. The size of the crate is an important consideration. It should have enough space for your pet to stand without the head touching the top. It should also be wide enough for your pet to turn around without a hassle.

If you have two pets and want to transport both simultaneously, you don’t necessarily have to buy two crates. If they’re both below 20 pounds and under six months old, it’s possible to transport them in the same container.

Although some airlines provide their crates, if possible, it’s best to get your own.

4. Animal Care

Before transporting your pet, always make plans ahead and know a good vet at your destination. If a case arises that you need a vet while in transit, the best option is to ask your home vet to recommend another vet. 

If you suspect in advance that for any reason your pet may need any special care or quarantine, it’s best to notify the authorities and have them address the issue early. 

How to Know the Best Pet Transportation Company

When hiring a pet transport service, you want a professional you can trust with your pet’s safety and well-being. Below are the key features of a professional pet transportation company.

1. Certified

Before hiring any pet transportation company, always ensure they’re fully certified by the USDA. This helps ensure the safety of your pet. At Blue Collar Pet Transport, we are more than willing to provide all the necessary details that prove we’re USDA certified.

2. Insured

You want to hire a pet transportation company that’s insured. Hiring an insured company gives you peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to worry about covering extra costs in the event of an accident during transportation. Blue Collar Pet Transport is fully insured for any emergencies and prides itself in guaranteeing the safety of your pet.

3. Positive Reviews

It’s good to ask for references and check reviews online to spot a good pet transportation company. If a company is hesitant to provide references or has negative reviews online, it’s a warning sign to seek services elsewhere. At Blue Collar Pet Transport, we’re willing to give references, and we’re also sure you’ll find plenty of positive reviews about our services online.

4. Fare Pricing 

A good pet transportation company always provides straight-up prices with no extra charges after the relocation process. A good company always provides an accurate or close-to-accurate estimate before the operation and doesn’t have hidden costs. At Blue Collar Pet Transport, we always offer an accurate estimate of the pet transportation cost and do not charge any unexpected fees.

Why Hire a Pet Transportation Company

Below are the main reasons why it’s best to hire a professional pet transportation company.

1. Familiarity with the Traveling Rules

If you’re transporting your pet overseas for the first time, you’re probably not familiar with all the rules and regulations to adhere to. What makes it even more challenging is that different countries or states have different laws regarding pet transportation.

Hiring a transportation company helps you avoid the hassle of gathering all the permits and documents required. 

2. Help with Logistics

If you’re moving to another country and have disposed of your vehicle, you’ll need help getting your pet to the airport or a freight terminal. In such instances, it’s necessary to use a pet transport service. Or you may be using a train and find that you can’t take your pet with you, in which case a pet transport service can pick your pet and transport them for you.

Another situation is if your dog is scheduled for quarantine, and perhaps because it’s in a different city, it’s difficult for you to pick them. Again, a pet transport company makes it much easier and cheaper for you by picking them and putting them on the flight. 

3. Less Stress

Traveling between states or internationally with a pet, especially when your travel involves multiple or long flights, can be grueling. It entails a lot of organizing, which is known to stress out the pet owner more than the pet. 

A pet transport company can alleviate such stress to a large degree, affording you the peace of mind knowing your pet is well taken care of. Plus, it takes a lot off your plate, allowing you to focus on everything else you must organize for your move. 

Get the Best Pet Transportation Services Now!

Need your pet transported quickly and comfortably, whether it’s within the state, from state to state or internationally? You can rely on Blue Collar Pet Transport. Our team of professionals, driven by their love for animals, will ensure your pet is safe and comfortable the entire journey. We offer services that cover every time frame if you need your pet transported as soon as possible. Contact us today for the best pet transport services! 

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