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Junky Pets Supplies Covers Your Pet’s Needs

There are a wide variety of online pet supply stores to peruse for your pet’s needs, but Junky Pets is top of the line for your furry one’s care products and toys galore guaranteed to bring joy to their life. Compared to other retailers, Junky Pets outperforms in all areas, which will help the pet owner make informed product choices to enhance their pets’ lives, bringing joy to the entire family. Junky Pet’s sister company is based on your pet’s care and transport to and from their homes, so Junky Pets fundamentally knows how to care for pets in a way major retailers do not.

Product Choice

Comprised of a team of pet lovers, Junky Pet’s team has curated products for your dogs and cats backed with a refund policy stating if you are not 100% pleased with what you ordered, you may get a refund. Customer service is their number one priority – they want to make the customer happy, often overlooked with larger pet retailers.

Junky Pets offers the brands carried by Chewy and Petco, so you do not have to search for the brands you trust. From cozy beds to keep your pets warm and comfortable to toys designed for durability and entertainment, you can easily find and order what you need on www.junkypets.com. If you appreciate the brand name product and the offering of products that are not sold elsewhere, Junky Pets will fulfill your needs.

You will also find items that Junky Pets has a collection of unique products and not easily found on competitors’ websites. They carry a wide range of products for taking your dog outdoors for a romp and toys that keep them busy and entertained inside and outside. They also have bowls and feeders ergonomically designed for your cat or dog that will make your life easier and cleaner. From adorable squeaky toys for your dog-o to catnip-filled toys for your kitty, you can find a product that will bring hours of fun play for your pets.

Customer Service

Junky Pets takes pride as a company that offers and guarantees superior customer service. Junky Pets knows that you do not want to wait for an extended period of time for your pet’s products, nor do you want to pay huge shipping fees to have them delivered to your front door. So, Junky Pets offers flat rate shipping to anywhere in the United States. Petco offers shipping costs based on your order’s weight unless it is under $35, which can add up over time if you do not place large orders at one time.

Junky Pets offers 24/7 customer support because they know that there can be questions that you need assistance with at any time of day. They have you and your furry loved-ones best interest at heart, which is why they offer around the clock availability. This is a feature that is not offered by all major online pet supply retailers. If you do not require immediate help, you also can send a message that will be answered within 24 to 48 hours.

Junky Pets has a 30-day refund policy that will ensure you get the product you want in perfect condition. If you are unhappy with your order, you contact info@junkypets.com to initiate the refund process. They will supply you with a shipping label to return your item, not wanting you to worry about attempting to return it to a retail location (Petco and PetSmart offer this as an alternative) because you and your pet deserve a hassle-free process. If your product arrives damaged, you can have it replaced upon inspection. If you find yourself not wanting to keep your order, you may send it back for a full refund to your financial institution.

Junky Pets is powered by Shopify and offers secure payments, ensuring your payment is processed confidentially. Junky Pets accepts Amazon Pay, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, Mastercard, JCB contactless, Elo payment method, and others that not all major retailers, including Chewy and Petco, accept. This ease of payment is offered because Junky Pets understands that the more accepted payment methods, the easier your check-out process will be. You can also rest assured that your information will not be shared or compromised in any way.

Junky Pets is Founded Based on Hand’s-on Experience

Blue Collar Pet Transport offers door to door transport of your most loved companion when moving or relocating. They are dedicated to providing your pet a safe and comfortable trip to your new home or your home for the first time. This transport service is based on a genuine love of animals, with pet-handlers that are true animal lovers. They know that your furry companion is more than just a pet; it is a member of your family. Therefore, they treat each animal they are transporting with that same respect.

The knowledge gained through the actual care and handling of pets inspired the company to offer an online pet supply store. They have learned through the interaction with cats and dogs under the stress of moving, the same kind humans feel, what helps animals feel comforted, loved, amused and taken good care of. This understanding of animal’s temperaments and personalities is what truly puts Junky Pets ahead of its competitors.

Petco, PetSmart, Chewy, and the other online pet stores can offer you products, but they cannot compete with a company based on caring for animals in their most fragile state. This is why Junky Pets is a novel pet supply company and will offer the same service to you and your pets at home that they do when transporting them. Take a look at Junky Pets for your next online pet store order, and, if you are in need, use Blue Collar Pet Transport to move your fur-baby safely and happily.

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