Should Your Pet Travel by Ground or Fly? How to Decide

Our pets are a lot more worldly than we give them credit for. With all the trips to the vet, the groomers, the dog park, Petsmart, and other places, they often leave our homes and travel about town. Those jaunts, however, are very short, so it’s understandable that if you are faced with sending your furry friend on a longer journey, you may be unsure if flying or going by ground will work out best. Whether you have a dog or a cat will certainly factor into your decision as will their personality. If you’re moving from Seattle to Miami, your pup may handle the miles in the car just fine, but a cat, on the other hand, could be quite vocal about their dissatisfaction. 

With some journeys, of course, you’ll have no choice but to fly your pet to their new home, including over the ocean to Europe and other places. Assuming you do have the choice, Blue Collar Pet Transport has some ideas they suggest you consider as you make your decision.

The Advantages of Going by Plane 

With Blue Collar Pet Transport, your pet’s well-being is our top priority. While we no longer offer air travel as an option, we want to highlight the advantages of alternative travel methods.

For some, air travel might seem like the fastest choice, but it’s important to consider other factors. There is something to be said for speed, especially when the other choice is a ground journey that could take days. Older cats and dogs in particular may appreciate the reduced traveling time, as they could have a harder time adjusting to the strange smells, sights, and sounds they will encounter on longer trips. Those pets that experience separation anxiety when apart from their humans will benefit from flying as well.

If you are nervous about your dog or cat flying, that’s understandable. We understand that flying with your dog or cat can be a source of anxiety. Rest assured, even though we no longer offer air travel, our expertise in ground pet transport means we can still guide you through the preparations needed for your pet’s travel day.

The Advantages of Ground Transport

Sending your pet to its new destination via ground transport has a lot of advantages. The first is that they are already familiar with traveling by car, so this eliminates the need to accustom them to traveling in an automobile. 

Second, it is more economical than flying, and Blue Collar Pet Transport offers three affordable ground transport options to fit your needs: Shared Ride Pet Transport, which allows your furry loved one to ride along a pre-planned route with other pets; Private Pet Transport, which takes your pet directly to their destination; and Central Florida Pet Transport, which transports your dog or cat to anywhere in the central part of Florida. 

Third, ground transport can be a better option for those who are traveling relatively short distances. For example, you may feel that a plane flight simply isn’t needed when your pet will only be going a few hundred miles. 

Blue Collar Pet Transport

No matter the option you choose, Blue Collar Pet Transport can help you get your furry loved one to their destination. With their trained and compassionate animal handlers, you can be confident that your buddy will be in excellent hands throughout their journey. 

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