Why Do People Travel With Pets?

A barking 37 percent of Americans travel with their dogs each year, and support animals of all species are now becoming the norm in airport boarding queues.

With several campaigns to make public spaces more pet-friendly, more and more people are choosing to travel with their trusty sidekicks, and pet transport services are booming.

But with so many fantastic boarders and kennels available, why do people make the effort to travel with pets? Read on to discover the different reasons that people travel with pets.


If you’re moving to a new home, the whole family should be coming with you, including the furry members! Although there are a few individuals who abandon their animals when they change homes, this is, fortunately, uncommon.

Whether moving within the same state or country or relocating overseas, moving with pets does require a bit of planning. Professional pet relocation services work with those who are relocating to manage the logistical aspects of the transition. From arranging pet-friendly hotels along the route to pet health certification – the pet transport industry professionals cover all of this for you.

Traveling With Pets: A Family Vacation

A family vacation isn’t the same with some family members missing. If you’re a pet parent, the thought of taking a vacation without your fur baby may make you want to stay at home.

Some pet owners choose to board their pets or hire a pet-sitter to avoid taking their pet away from their familiar creature comforts. However, if you take your pet’s toys, usual food, and any other comfort items like blankets, they can enjoy a home away from home, just like you!

If you’re taking a staycation and keeping your trip local, all you need to do is make sure your best friend is secured safely in the car. Then they can enjoy the road trip with you!

If you’re flying further afield, check whether your pet can travel with you in the cabin. Otherwise, consider whether they should travel by cargo. Different airlines have different guidelines, and certain species and breeds should never go by plane. 

Of course, for longer trips or more complicated logistical journeys, a professional pet transport company can arrange for your beloved companion to join you at your destination of choice. This could be by road, by public flight with a pet nanny, or even private jet

Traveling With Support Animals

If you or a family member has a support or service animal, you may be unable to travel without them. There are many different types of support or service pets, from seizure-detecting dogs to emotional support pigs.

As well as providing the companionship of a regular pet, a support animal also serves another purpose. There are a wide number of roles that support animals can take, and some of these may be life-saving.

These specially trained animals play a vital role in their owners’ lives, enabling them to perform tasks that they otherwise may be unable to do. If you’re traveling for any type of reason, be it a business trip, vacation, or family visit, your support animal will need to go with you.

Pet Bucket Lists

Some pets are beyond pampered – possibly even moving into the “spoiled” category. And what’s wrong with that? Absolutely nothing!

Your companion animal is a life partner – for as long as they are around to share their lives with you. These precious beings deserve the very best in life, and if you’re in a position to share it with them, you absolutely should.

When some pet owners discover that their fur babies are, sadly, coming to the end of their lives, they write a bucket list. This is a list of activities or experiences that your pet can enjoy in their final weeks or months. It might be cooking them their favorite meal, or taking them to their favorite doggy park.

There’s no reason that an animal has to be in its final days to start having enjoyable experiences. Some paw-rents write bucket lists for their pets when they’re still small. This can be a list of adventures you’d like your best friend to have during their lifetime.

Pet bucket lists are a great reason for your pet to travel with you – whether it’s to experience sunset on a sandy beach for the first time or to hike part of a snowy mountain with you. If you can give your pet the most varied and enjoyable life possible, there’s no reason for them to miss out on the things you enjoy too.

Coming Home

One of the simplest and most common reasons for traveling with pets is bringing them home for the first time. If you’ve decided on a specific animal breed as the perfect first family pet, you may have researched different breeders. Your future family member may have been born on the other side of the country, ready to come home to you when they’re old enough.

Traveling to pick up your pet for the first time can be an exciting family adventure. However, if you’re unable to do this, a pet relocation company will be able to bring your new companion to you.

On the other paw, if you’re involved with fostering or rescuing abandoned animals, they may need to be transported to their safe place. Animal rescues and sanctuaries are very careful about how they rehome abused animals, and will only let them go to the most loving of homes.

If an adopted animal is joining a family in a different area, it will need to be carefully transported to its new home. If they’ve experienced any sort of trauma, this can be a disturbing experience for them. Professional pet transporters will be able to create the most relaxing possible travel environment for your new adoptee.

Pet Transport Services – It’s a Family Affair

These are some of the reasons that people choose to travel with their pets. Travel can be a very personal experience, and all members of the family should be able to come along.

If you’re planning a trip with your furry or feathered friend, pet transport services can help you to get all your ducks in a row. For more information on the services available to you and your sidekick, contact us today.

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