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Dangers of Overloading Pets in a Vehicle

While utilizing shared-ride pet transport services can often be a great experience, sometimes they can go horribly wrong. In this article, we want to outline some of the dangers of putting too many pets in a vehicle during transport.

Number of Pets in the Vehicle

Number of Pets in the Vehicle

When you choose someone for pet transport, ask them how many pets they are transporting in the vehicle at one time. In our experience, they should never be putting more than four to five pets in a vehicle at one time. While share-ride pet transport is designed to cut costs, there is no way a company can provide the best care for more than five pets at one time.

Beware of Potential Health Risks

Health Risks

Having too many pets in a pet transport vehicle can pose health risks. Most pets do not enjoy car rides to begin with, and cramming them in close quarters with other pets can create health issues. First and foremost, a reputable company like Blue Collar Pet Transport will make sure every pet on board has a valid health certificate. By limiting the number of pets in the vehicle, it decreases any potential health risks for your loved ones.

Cheap Rates for Multi-Pet Rides

Cheap Rates for Multi-Pet Rides

Products and services generally follow this simple rule: you get what you pay for. With that being said, the same thing applies to pet transport. Beware of companies offering cheap rates for multi-pet rides. Blue Collar Pet Transport is transparent with their pricing, while delivering maximum value on the services they provide. They value your pet’s health and pet transport experience, and they aren’t just trying to make a quick buck.


Shared-ride transport, or pet transport in general, should be a great and easy experience for your pets. If you prefer your pet to have a private and luxurious one-on-one experience, check out our private pet transport. With private pet transport, your pet(s) will be taken directly to their destination with utmost care.

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