What Kind of Dog Breeds Are the Easiest to Transport?

A dog is not merely a pet, but a companion. If you’re moving or traveling, you want to ensure that your best friend is safe, comfortable, and well cared for. Some dog breeds travel better than others, so if you’re a jet setter, you want to choose your travel buddy with care.

If you’re ready to take your furry friend on the road, you don’t have to do it alone. Pet transport services, such as those offered by Blue Collar Pet Transport, can make even the longest journey simple.

Ready to embark on your adventure? Read on to learn about the easiest dog breeds to transport. Whether you’re moving or traveling, these breeds will have an easy time during your transition!

Yorkshire Terrier

If you have a Yorkie, then you know that this is a breed that loves to stick to your side! These dogs are familiar with traveling on the subway and through the supermarket in oversized purses. By comparison, a pet carrier is like a luxurious suite for these little travel pros!

Yorkies are brave and adaptable little dogs. Both their size and their temperament will make it easy to hit the road safely. They have a limited need for exercise, and do fine as long as you keep them warm and comfortable!

Labrador Retriever

The friendly and intelligent labrador makes travel a breeze as they can adapt to changing situations. These dogs are some of the easiest to train and will pick up on skills that can keep them safe on the move. A lab that is crate trained will have an easy time settling down for a trip of any length.


You might not think that the energetic dalmatian would be a great traveler. The truth is that these spotted beauties were bred for long journies. They are durable companions suited to many climates and temperatures.

If you have put in the work to train your active dalmatian, they should have no trouble accompanying you on an adventure of any length. You should still prepare for a burst of energy when you finally arrive at your destination!

Jack Russel Terrier

The compact, affectionate Jack Russel holds up well during a move or trip. They tend to be active and may need some stimulation in the middle of a journey to maintain their composure. That’s why the professionals at Blue Collar Pet Transport will exercise your pet every three to four hours during the trip!

Toy Poodle

Poodle owners know that these dogs are bright little things. The addition of their small size makes toy poodles some of the easiest dogs to transport. They are both friendly and adaptable, which means they are easygoing when exposed to new people and places.

Their larger relatives, standard poodles, are just as easy to move with. Standard poodles are often chosen as service dogs because of their calm and flexible demeanor. They move just as easily – all you need is a bigger crate!


The friendlier the dog breed, the easier it will be to introduce them to novel people and places. With that in mind, the friendly and social whippet is an excellent traveler. They are also an intelligent breed, which means many whippets are well-trained and ready and willing to settle in for travel. 

As a bonus, the whippet is a “barkless dog.” This means that they make quiet and polite passengers on a journey of any length. They do need a bit of exercise, but they’ll be eager to hike with you when you reach your destination!


The Maltese is another toy breed whose size makes them ideal passengers. They are also known for friendly temperaments, which means they’re less likely to be reticent or aggressive around new faces. Despite having a lush and lovely coat, they don’t shed much, which makes them low maintenance on the road.

Humans bred the Maltese as a companion breed for humans. They may be stubborn, but they are intelligent and eager to please the people they love. You can expect your Maltese to travel well, without too much of a fuss.

Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese water dogs are people pleasers, and they love nothing more than positive attention. This makes them one of the easiest breeds to train, and that training will come in handy on a journey. They are easily crated trained and ready to accept commands that can help keep them safe and comfortable wherever they go.

This is another breed that does not shed, so you will not have to worry about special grooming needs while out and about. With a little bit of exercise and loving touch, these dogs handle travel like pros!

The Best Dog Breeds to Take On the Road

Large or petite, loud or quiet, if you’re hitting the road, your furry friend is coming along! Even if your dog isn’t one of the above dog breeds, Blue Collar Pet Transport offers pet relocation services that can help keep your move stress-free.

Blue Collar are leaders in the pet transport industry. They have every pet health certification necessary to keep your pup in great shape.

Are you ready to get on the road? Reach out today to speak to one of Blue Collar’s pet transport professionals about the best way to travel with your dog. From shared rides to private jets, Blue Collar will get your friend to their final destination safely!

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