Pet Travel Transport: How to Move Cross Country Cheap With Multiple Dogs?

40 million Americans move each year, and all loving pet owners will bring their dogs and cats with them as well. In fact, 76 million dogs dwell in the US; each of them is their owners’ pride and joy.

According to Harvard University, the most common type of move is intrastate, but what happens when you move cross country? How do you transport more than one dog cheaply and safely?

In this blog post, we’ll talk about some of your options for pet travel transport and what is the best bet for your pet. After all, you want your pets happy and healthy by the time you reach your destination.

Read on for more information on your options for moving your pets across the country cheaply and safely.

Drive Them Yourself

If you’re moving across the country, you’ll likely drive at least one of your cars. It’ll probably be packed to the hilt with your things, and it may take you several days to get to your destination.

You can bring your dogs with you as you drive. On the plus side, they’ll be with you and will likely feel more secure knowing their human or humans are there.

However, there are downsides to this.

You’ll have to pay attention to your dogs as well as any other people or children in the car. You’ll need to stop frequently at dog-friendly rest stops. If you’re on your own, it can be tricky to find somewhere to eat or for you to use the bathroom as most public restrooms are not dog-friendly.

Additionally, you’ll need to monitor your dogs frequently to ensure they’re not overheating or getting too cold.

You’ll also need to plan ahead with your stops. If you’re only traveling with other people, you can sometimes play it by ear, stop whenever you feel like it, and look for a hotel. With your dogs, you’ll need to ensure that wherever you go is dog-friendly, which may come with extra fees and extra stress.

Fly Your Dogs Out to You with Airplane Nannies

If your dogs are small enough (under 20lbs), they can fly with Blue Collar Pet Transport’s experienced airplane nannies. Instead of having the stress of traveling across the country for hours and hours, you can get your dogs to you in one day. This works well if you have someone behind who can see them off once you get to your destination, or if you have someone already at your new place who can accept them. All you need is a pet health certification and to ensure they’re up to date on their vaccines.

With Blue Collar Pet Transport’s airplane nannies, your dogs will fly commercial, each with one person. They’ll go in a carrier and under the seat in front of the person. Our experienced nannies will check on them throughout the flight to ensure they’re doing well and comfortable.

Once your dogs arrive at the airport, you can pick them up or have someone else pick them up for you.

This is a perfect solution to putting your dogs in a car and driving cross country, as some dogs are anxious in cars. You can drastically reduce their nerves to only having to be anxious for a few hours before they’re reunited with you.

You’ll also get constant updates of your best friends during their travels.

Shared Ride Transport

If your dogs are too big, or the nanny service is a little out of your budget, you can send your furry pals on our shared-ride service.

We are USDA registered and are insured.

Your dogs will climb aboard a ride-sharing van, where they’ll be in a crate for the duration of the journey (except to stretch their legs and go to the bathroom, of course). While the van isn’t the epitome of luxury for your best friends, it is safe and convenient. And, they can snuggle up with a blanket from home or a favorite toy in case nerves set in.

They’ll ride with other pets who are being relocated alongside professional handlers who know how to handle your pets with care.

They’ll be driven along a pre-planned route, and you can pick them up at your nearest stop. Think of it as a Greyhound for your pets.

Your dogs will arrive safe and sound and ready to start their new chapter with you in your new home.

Private Pet Transport

Our most expensive service is our private pet transport, in which your pets are transported in a private chartered jet. Your entire family can ride together if you’d like to send your items along with a mover and experience the thrill of traveling together.

This is our most expensive package, but it offers your dogs the most luxurious care. Plus, if you decide to, they can even ride with you the whole way without having to worry about pit stops, eating, and potty breaks.

If you choose to send your dogs solo, they won’t be in a kennel but will be treated like the king and queens with one of our experienced handlers.

Pet Travel Transport: Your Best Friends Are in Good Hands

Traveling with your pets can be nerve-racking, but with a reliable pet travel transport company, you have moved your best friends taken care of. You won’t need to scramble to develop an itinerary of pet-friendly hotels; you’ll be confident your dogs are traveling comfortably and with friendly and competent handlers.

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