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How to Help Your Dog Adjust to Its New Home

Moving into a new home is exciting, and your dog buddy will have fun sniffing around and checking everything out. Even so, it can also be stressful since dogs are creatures of habit. Any break in their routine can make them anxious – leaving behind the home they have known and living in unfamiliar territory definitely qualifies. To help them adjust and minimize any problems, Blue Collar Pet Transport has some tips you can follow as you and Fido settle into your new place.

Pack Your Dog’s Essentials in an Easily Accessible Place.

Make sure to put your friend’s food and water bowls, food, medication, toys, leash, bedding, and anything else they use where you can quickly find them. When you arrive, this will help you to immediately establish a new routine, which will be crucial for your dog’s transition.

Take Them Outside to Eliminate.

Before allowing your dog to investigate its new surroundings, it’s a good idea to take them to their bathroom spot. This may mean letting them into the backyard (if you have a fence, remember to check it to be sure there are no holes) or taking them for a walk. 

Some patience may be needed here. At your previous home, your dog may have been great about going to the bathroom outside, but a new place can throw the dog off and cause them to have accidents. If you are consistent about taking your pup outside at the same time and to the same place, you should see those accidents disappear quickly.

Establish Where Your Dog Will Eat and Drink.

Once your dog has gone to the bathroom, it’s time to come inside. Where they will eat and drink needs to be established. Blue Collar Pet Transport recommends putting your dog’s food and water bowls in a place that is quiet and free of traffic. Show your friend where the bowls are, offer them some food, and allow them to eat if they like. That structure will go a long way towards easing any anxiety they might have about the new situation.

Establish a Concrete Routine As Fast As You Can.

Every dog feels more secure when they understand what will happen each day, so create a routine that is similar to the one they experienced at their old home. It might be hard since your routine will have changed, too, but your friend will acclimate faster if they have a structure they can depend on.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise.

You already know how many problems exercise can solve for a dog. It’s no different when they are anxious about a new place. The more tired your canine family member is, the less likely it will be that they have any issues. Take them for a walk each day at the same time, throw the ball for them, or do anything else they like to do to get rid of excess energy. This will deepen your bond with them and alleviate any stress they might be feeling.

Stay Home for the First Few Days If Possible.

If you can, remain at home with your dog for the first week. Your steady presence can reassure them as they grow accustomed to their strange new place. Can you work from home during this time? Take some time off? That investment can pay off because you may be able to avoid issues with separation anxiety down the road.

Give Your Buddy Lots of Attention.

This one isn’t hard to do! Give your furry buddy some extra love here and there to reassure them that everything is just fine. Blue Collar Pet Transport recommends keeping the attention low key. Attention that is too emotional can cause the dog to become stressed, so staying calm as you give them more hugs and backrubs than usual is important.

Have Fun in Your New Home

You’re on a new adventure with your dog. Your home may seem strange at first, but before long, your friend will be racing around, running up and down the stairs, and hanging out with you on the couch like you have both lived there for years. With your leadership, your dog will adjust much faster than you think.

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