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Know about These Pet Travel Scams Before You Send Your Cat or Dog on a Trip

As a responsible cat or dog owner, you take your pet’s safety seriously, so much so that when it comes time to send them a journey without you when you relocate, you may feel a lot of anxiety. Who will you entrust your beloved furry friend to? How can you choose a transport company that is reliable and safe? Any company can put up cute animal photos on their website, but how can you see past those pictures and spot a scam? Your pet’s life may depend on it.

Blue Collar Pet Transport understands how much responsibility they have when they transport their clients’ furry family members to their new location, and they also know there are, unfortunately, scammers in the industry. The company’s team has some points to keep in mind as you research your options and decide on who will be your pet’s chauffeur on their upcoming journey.

First Tip: Check the Forms of Payment the Pet Transporter Accepts.

Any reputable company, including Blue Collar Pet Transport, will allow you to pay by credit card. Doing so provides you with some protection if there is a dispute because you can request a refund through the credit card company. Scammers avoid credit cards for this reason. Instead, they might only accept cash, gift cards, Western Union, or some other type of international money transfer. If the pet transport company is not allowing you to use a credit card, run away and find a different company. 

Second Tip: Pay Attention to How Interested They Are in Your Pet’s Details.

Pet transport is complex. Any reputable company is going to ask you many questions because they can better understand your pet’s needs and your own, ultimately increasing the likelihood of safe transport. There are also laws they must follow, and having enough information will help them to do that. If the company you speak with is not interested in asking questions or getting the answers, they are probably a scam.

Third Tip: Ask Your Own Questions and Expect Real Answers.

You no doubt have your own questions to ask the pet transport company, and it’s your right to ask them. Think about every leg of the trip, including the preparation, and make sure you can visualize what will happen. The transport company should be more than willing to answer your questions and to provide extensive details. If they won’t do that or seem vague or impatient, it is likely a scam, too.

Fourth Tip: Demand a Concrete Price that Does Not Change.

You can often spot a scammer when the person will not commit to a price. When you ask, they will be evasive and may first try to manipulate you with a sad story designed to get you to pay a higher price. Additionally, after you agree on the cost, the person may try to increase it by saying more money is needed to pay for insurance or boarding. Any reputable pet transport company will tell you upfront what the total price is. At Blue Collar Pet Transport, all clients are provided with a concrete price and are carefully told what is included. 

Make Your Choice Carefully and Walk Away If Anything Seems Off.

Blue Collar Pet Transport recommends that you leave yourself plenty of time to do your research so that you are not rushed into making a decision. Compare companies and prices, and remember that the lowest price is not always the best choice. If you ever sense that a company just doesn’t feel right, don’t be afraid to find a different pet transporter. It could save you a lot of money and the life of your pet.

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