Does My Pet Need a Health Certificate to Use Pet Relocation Services?

Do you intend to use pet relocation services so you could ship your pet to another location? While it’s not difficult to do this, the pet transport industry does require a pet health certification. Keep in mind that pets may transport diseases and bacteria while aboard a plane or other public transportation. The certificate will protect handlers and other pets involved as well. 

A pet health certificate is issued by your vet to ensure that your pet is safe and healthy to travel. It’s an official document stating that your pet is disease-free. The health certificate will also list all vaccines your pet has taken. 

This isn’t just a requirement by pet transport services but also by the USDA. They require all pet owners to acquire these documents for health and safety purposes. There is no exception to this rule. Don’t worry; all you need to do is visit your vet for a thorough inspection or checkup of your pet. If your pet is healthy, then you should get the health certificate right away. 

Types of Health Certificates

The type of health certificate you need to acquire depends on where you plan to travel. You’ll need to acquire a domestic health certificate if you plan to ship your pet within the United States and International health certified outside the country. 

Domestic Health Certificate

For domestic health certificates, the vet will need to perform a thorough physical examination of your pet, and the certificate has to be given on the same day, right after a check-up. Vaccinations you may need include rabies or heartworm. 

Also, remember that each state will have different requirements. You will need to check your state’s requirements first or contact the pet transport company directly so they can provide you with a list of requirements that you need to acquire. 

Don’t worry; pet transport services are knowledgeable about the different health certificates needed for your state. Get in touch with them for more information. 

International Health Certificate

This will depend on the country where you plan to ship your pet. While you can google the requirements of each country, it would be easier to contact a pet transport company for assistance. Simply provide them what type of pet will be traveling to and what country. 

How much would it cost to get a health certificate?

This actual cost depends on the vaccines that your pet may need. It also depends on how much the vet would charge for the health certificate. It would be between $25 to $150, higher if your pet needs more vaccines. Contact your vet to know the exact cost of a health certificate in your area. 

Preparing Your Pet for a Visit to the Vet

Before going to the vet, make sure that you have all the necessary information with you. Your vet will need a list of your pet’s medications, if there are any, the food they eat, medical records, drinking or eating habits. You may also call the vet before the visit and ask for a list of items that you need to prepare to ensure that you all of the information with you. 

It may be pretty stressful for your pet to visit a vet, especially when it’s their first time. To make them behave, make sure that you bring their favorite toy or blanket. Also, if your pet has problems with other animals, ensure that you also inform the staff of this, so they can prepare for it. 

Also, you should already have all of the requirements with you before going to the vet. You should know the type of vaccine your pet needs and how much checkup is needed to get the health certificate. 

Don’t hesitate to ask the vet any questions before the appointment. 

Steps Needed to Obtain an International Health Certificate for Pets

1. Contact your vet to know the country’s requirements, including tests and other vaccinations needed. Some countries may require that the health certificate be counter-signed by APHIS. If this is one of the requirements, then you need to make sure that the vet is a USDA Accredited Vet

2. When it needs an endorsement, submit the health certificate to the USDA APHIS Veterinary Services Office. You can do this either in person or via mail. 

3. When the health certificate is issued, complete the rest of the requirements. For example, countries like UK or Ireland may also require tapeworm treatment. Some countries may also need pre-notification or approval by the consulate. 

4. Your pet may now travel so long as the requirements are obtained. 

Can I Still Use a Pet Transport Service if my Pet is Sick?

As much as we want to accommodate all clients, we also prioritize our handler’s and pets’ health. Therefore, we don’t allow pets to travel with us when sick. You will need to have a valid health certificate from the vet stating that the pet is in good health and is fit to travel. 

If your pet is sick, visit the vet immediately so they can check your dog and prescribe medications. Don’t worry; your pet will be okay in no time, so long as you hire a good vet to help you. 

Contact Blue Collar Pet Transport

Is your pet ready and fit to travel? Contact us right away so we can help. We are an international pet transport company offering air and ground relocation services within the US and abroad. Whether you need to travel to Asia or Europe, we can accommodate. We are also USDA registered and insured. All of our handlers have had years of experience with pets. When it comes to providing the best pet transport, we excel at it. Contact us if you have more questions.

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