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5 Qualities to Look for in a Pet Transport Company

Whether you’re moving or simply spending an extended vacation somewhere, bringing your furry friend along is always the ideal situation. Of course, you could have your neighbor or family member look after your animal while you are gone. But the truth is that pet transportation is a far simpler and surprisingly less stressful situation.

Imagine your good friend from work or your cousin that’s always able to help. Now, imagine meeting them in your pajamas looking your absolute worst. In many ways, having someone look after your animal in your own home can feel like this. After all, every one of your possessions is within this home. Although this person may be a friend or family member, your personal life deserves privacy.

That’s Where Pet Transport Comes Into Play…

Fortunately, with pet transportation services, you can have just that. You can also know that your pet is getting the ‘luxury’ treatment they deserve on their special trip as well. However, with so many various scandals out there such as the poor french bulldog on the airplane and the Tucson Pet Smart situation, you’d be silly not to want to ‘vet’ a transportation service and look for the kinds of qualities that truly make a company stand out above the rest.

That’s why we here at Blue Collar Pet Transport made this list. This list highlights the five qualities to look for in a pet transportation service before choosing to work with them!

With so many choices to choose from, pet transport services have become more and more difficult to analyze. However, every great pet transport service currently in business has these qualities shown below and, by picking a company that displays them all equally, you are sure to give you and your pet a worry-free next trip or move.

testimonials pet

1. An A+ History With Past Clients

Anyone can say that they are experts when it comes to their particular industry but it takes a truly high-quality company to be able to prove it through reviews and positive feedback.

The reason for this is simple; there are only two situations in which a person posts a review of a company or service. The first one is when they are extremely upset or let down by this company. Because the person had a bad experience, they want to express their negative feelings and also warn others to steer clear.

The second is when a person is overly impressed. Have you ever had that superbly excellent dining experience or stayed at a hotel that is just outright phenomenal? If so, then you probably already wrote an amazing review in your lifetime praising a particular company or product.

The same can be applied to pet transportation. For example, take this review by one of our very own clients at Blue Collar Pet Transport:

American K9’s Review of Blue Collar Pet Transport:

American K9 Pet Testimonial

“I have been a professional trainer for many years and take pride in how we do business. Blue collar has only done the best of the best for me and my team. I refer them to anyone needing pet transport service. They are extremely trustworthy and the best in the business. Me and my customers have nothing but great thing to say about the Blue Collar crew.”

—Krys Rackley
Owner/ Founder/ Trainer
American K9

In this review, you see that there is a long history between this client and our staff. You can also see that she is happy with our dedication and recommends us over other competitors in the industry.

The goal is to find testimonials from the various companies you are thinking about hiring, comparing them side by side, and choosing the one that has the best reviews which are clearly reliable. You will also want to watch out for companies that create fake reviews to overwhelm the negative ones as these are the kinds of companies that are willing to lie to simply make extra money off your pets.

reliable pet transport

2. Reliable Transportation

Just as you will want to review the feedback given on the business itself, you will also want to review the actual transportation your animal will be subject to. A quality pet transport company recognizes that the vehicles they utilize are the key to their business’ success.

Because of this, a high-quality and reliable pet transport company will have vehicles that are professional and comfortable for your pets. For instance, when it comes to the process at Blue Collar Pet Transport, we not only ensure your pet is secure from start to finish but we also have you meet the transporter before the trip begins so you can feel more relaxed and see the vehicle your pet will be in for the remainder of their transport.

If a business does not offer these kinds of reassurances, it is best to move forward as a reliable company never has something to hide or excuses for their low-quality materials and vehicles.

animal loving staff

3. A Caring and Pet-Loving Staff

We’ve all had that one friend that literally loathes dogs or can’t stand to touch a cat. Could you imagine this person being in charge of your animal for a trip across America? If your answer was ‘no’ then you will definitely want to review the staff of the pet transport company you hire before the trip.

Believe it or not, lots of pet transport companies offer positions to people that don’t particularly like animals (crazy, right?) because ‘a job is a job’. Fortunately, companies such as Blue Collar Pet Transport think that to transport a pet, you must love them unconditionally.

A dog or cat lover is more honed into animal needs and emotions. They recognize when a dog needs to go or when a cat wants to stretch their legs. They’re willing to rub your pup’s stomach or give your animal special medications right on time. They’re also happy to come to work every day and meet more furry loved ones as well as their owners. These are the kinds of staff that stand out and give special attention to clients and their furry friends during a trip.

If you want your pet in safe hands, it is best to find a pet-loving company with staff that simply adore dogs, cats, hamsters, and birds alike!

reasonable pricing

4. Reasonable Pricing

Imagine being a loving pet owner planning on moving from California to New York for a work relocation. This is already a huge move and you’re seriously nervous about it. You’ve hired a moving company to transport your stuff, you’ve booked flights to get there, you have the new place picked out, and you also have a plan to hire a pet transport company for your pet.

Everything else is taken care of and you’re ready to finish up by booking a pet transport company to come pick up your awesome buddy. You call around and find out that it would cost nearly $2,000 to get your one pet from your home in Los Angeles to your new apartment in New York City.

On top of all the other costs, you now have to come up with an outrageous $2,000 price point just for your one animal and time is of the essence. This is where a high-quality company like Blue Collar comes into play. With a rate of $975 door to door for a trip from Los Angeles to New York, you can rest assured knowing that your pet is secure and you’re still well within your desired price range for a big trip such as this.

5. Attention to Detail

Lastly, even the best rated and most professional pet transport companies are missing the thing that separates good from great. A great company recognizes those little details that matter most. For instance, at Blue Collar Pet Transport, we recognize that what your animal eats on the trip matters.

That’s why we uphold basic values such as providing:

  • Grain-Free Food
  • Purified Water
  • Care for Special Needs Pets
  • Pet-Friendly Cleaning Supplies
  • USDA Approved Kennels
  • Routine Exercise

In doing this, we ensure that your pet is safe, healthy, and has as much fun and excitement traveling as you do. If you find a pet transport company that showcases this kind of attention to detail, you’re in luck!

In the end, start by combining all of these qualities together. In doing so, you are sure to find a pet transport business that is perfect for your next trip! From there, you can put the worry behind you and focus on the fun that lies ahead.

For those that simply want to know they are getting the best pet transport service around, feel free to contact Blue Collar Pet Transport today! Together, we will schedule your transport and give your pet the ‘royal treatment’ it rightfully deserves!

Coronavirus DisclaimerA message to all our customers.

We are taking appropriate measures to maintain the health and safety of our drivers, pets, and clients. This includes practicing social distancing, wearing masks, sanitizing our vehicles frequently, and following any other guidelines outlined by the Federal Government.

Thank you!

- Blue Collar Pet Transport Management

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