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Should You Use CitizenShipper or uShip?

When transporting pets, it’s the responsibility of the pet parents to ensure that their loved ones are with someone who knows how to properly take care of them. Safety and comfort should be the top priorities that pet parents must consider when hiring a pet relocation service for their dogs. 

Blue Collar Pet Transport assists pet owners in shipping their pets from Point A to Point B. We offer different pet transport services catering to those who are on a budget and those who want to get more from our services. There are also pet shipping marketplaces such as CitizenShipper and uShip who offer a similar service. 

How Shipping Marketplaces Work

Both CitizenShipper and uShip offer the same service. They are an open marketplace that let users set up a listing — which is the item/s that you want to ship to a certain location — and lets them connect to a driver or transporter than can assist them with shipping anything. You can ship vehicles, boats, piano, household items appliances, anything else you can think of at these shipping marketplaces. After listing an item for shipping, you can select your own driver to help you ship the items. After shipping, users can rate them and write a review. You can also ship pets at CitizenShipper and uShip, you just need need to provide photos, dog/cat breed, weight and age. There is no need to mention if your pet has special needs. 

These shipping marketplaces have indeed helped clients ship their household items and other valuables to their preferred location. With uShip, the payment is also on escrow, which means the client has to pay the fee but uShip will only release the payment to the driver when the items have been successfully shipped. Both markeplaces can be reliable when it comes to shipping equipment or other valuables. However, shipping household items or equipment is one thing; shipping pets is another. 

Why it’s not Recommended to Hire Shipping Marketplaces for Transporting Pets

Both CitizenShipper and uShip may do well with transporting goods to a preferred location. However, they may not be the best option when it comes to shipping your pets. 

Drivers May Not Have Enough Experience Transporting Pets

While it’s a good thing that clients can rate and leave reviews for the driver as it somehow assures you that the driver is trustworthy, it’s not a guarantee that he can provide the same level of service a pet transport company can offer your pets. Keep in mind that these drivers do not have enough professional experience in the pet transport industry. They may be good at transporting goods but pets need attention and care. And these drivers are not trained to do that. When something happens to your pets during the travel, the drivers will not have the skill to help them.

Pet transport companies have experienced handlers that can provide the best and the highest level of care for your pets. Handles have experience with different dog breeds. They know how to properly care for them. If there are emergencies, handlers know exactly what to do to resolve the problem. If the dog has special needs, the driver will not be able to extend additional service as his only goal is to just ship the dog from Point A to Point B. It’s always better to hire someone who knows the niche market and not just any driver who may not know how to feed a dog. 

Cheaper But Not Better

In these types of market, the drivers’ top priority is usually to get more deliveries so he could make more money. This means he may be willing to offer pet transport for a really cheap price. It is likely that he just wants to ship your pet even when your pet won’t be very comfortable during the travel. He will do anything just to get someone to hire him. For a lower price, it is likely that he will not be offering a good service.

When hiring a pet transport company, your pet’s comfort and safety are their top priority. Rest assured, your pet will be comfortable during the travel. And he will arrive safely to his destination in one piece. 

Most pet owners consider their pets as part of their family. They want only the best for them. By hiring a pet transport company, you will be giving your pets what it needs: highest level of care. 

Safety Isn’t Guaranteed

Shipping marketplaces do have a process for screening their drivers. CitizenShipper perform a comprehensive background checks for the drivers. They check whether they have committed felonies, have been arrested driving under the influence, patterns of misdeameanors or child abuse. Their screening also includes SSN validation and criminal records check. The process is done to give assurances to the clients that their valuables or pets are safe with the driver. Keep in mind though that identify theft is pretty common in the US. Shipping marketplaces do not work directly with the driver. They will not be interviewing them or evaluate them. Everything is done online so safety is still not guaranteed. 

With pet transport companies, all handlers are not just screened but they are also evaluated on a consistent basis to ensure that they always give the same level of service. 

Work With a Pet Transport Company 

Blue Collar Pet Transport’s first priority is safety. We take extra precaution to make sure that your pets are delivered safely. Our handlers will give you constant updates about your pet’s travel including photos of them. You can also track them using an app. BCPT use only grain-free food and purified water for your pets. All of our cleaning supplies are pet friendly and we have USDA approved kennels. Most importantly, we are insured and registered with the USDA. Shipping marketplaces do not offer these services for your pets. Should you choose CitizenShipper or uShip? We would suggest you hire a pet transport company instead. 

Are you ready to ship your pet? Do not hesitate to contact us so we can assist you! 

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