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Why Should I Choose Blue Collar Pet Transport?

While the rates of long-term relocation didn’t budge in 2020, many people moved temporarily. They’re escaping large, densely packed cities for the countryside, and they likely took their furry family members with them.

With economically priced shared-ride pet transport to luxurious private jet services, Blue Collar Pet Transport (BCPT) has options for every pet owner. Whether you’re moving permanently or just for a few months, we have the experience to keep your pet healthy and happy. No matter how long the journey.

Below, we highlight just a few of the many reasons you should choose BCPT for your pet transport needs.

BCPT Keeps Your Pets and Your Money Safe

With Blue Collar Pet Transport’s door-to-door pet transport services, you can be sure your pet will travel safely and stress-free to their new home.

A trained guardian will be with your pet at all times, no matter if they’re traveling by air or overland. To reduce stress, we let dogs traveling by car outside for supervised play in 30-minute intervals.

Pet owners are protected by BCPT as well. If you’re buying from a breeder, we can ensure your pet comes from a reputable source. We offer pet purchase fraud protection and take photos of your new pet on pick up.

General insurance is also covered in the price of all Blue Collar Pet Transport’s animal transport services. So long as your cat or dog weighs less than 200 pounds, they’ll be good to go!

Knowing that both the wellbeing and financials for your pet are well cared for frees you up to plan for your relocation.

Blue Collar Pet Transport Services Special Needs Pets

Are you lucky enough to have a pet with special needs in your family?

Whatever disability your pet has, BCPT never discriminates. We will never charge additional fees for our services, and our handlers are trained to offer any extra love and attention your pet requires.

We often advise that pets with special needs, or those that don’t get along with other animals, travel using our solo services. This way, BCPT can ensure we offer the highly personalized care your pet requires. We can take care of everything from medication dosing and physical therapy exercises to incontinence and assisted movement.

We Pay Attention to External Factors

Blue Collar Pet Transport pays close attention to routing, weather, and road conditions that might affect the safety of your pet’s upcoming journey.

We know which types of pets are more susceptible to temperature fluctuations. We bring quality food and water on the trip and make time for outside play.

If we’re transporting your pet by air, it will fly in the cabin accompanied by a trusted BCPT nanny. The journey won’t be affected by groundings due to climate extremes–not to mention the dangers of the cargo hold.

Pets traveling by car are cared for by an experienced BCPT handler. They’re trained to make welfare decisions if the weather or road conditions deteriorate. In rare cases where conditions aren’t suitable for travel, we’ll contact you immediately to make alternative arrangements.

We’re Ready to Answer All Your Questions

We get it. Moving is stressful enough without having the additional worry of how your pet is dealing with their cross-country road trip. You probably have a lot of questions about how BCPT will be transporting pets safely.

What will my pet eat? How often will my pet be let out to stretch their legs? Do I need to purchase pet insurance? 

The list goes on!

Thankfully, Blue Collar Pet Transport team has fielded these and hundreds of other questions like them before. We have an informative FAQ section on our website. Anything that’s not listed there, just pick up the phone and give us a call.

BCPT Is Transparent About Our Process

There is no need to worry about pet shipping scams or other fraudulent behavior when choosing BCPT as your preferred pet transport provider.

Blue Collar Pet Transport is USDA registered and insured (and can provide the documents to prove it). Our safe, comfortable process is also laid out in detail on our website, so you know exactly when, where, and how someone will move your beloved pooch or cared-for cat.

It all starts with a free (yes, FREE) quote, which outlines the expenses you’ll be asked to pay upfront. Once you choose one of the five service options, you’ll be able to schedule a pickup. Finally, your pets head off in a car or plane, stopping to see the sights and grab a bite to eat along the way.

When it comes to traveling with pets, no one does the job better than Blue Collar Pet Transport. We even offer a moving checklist to ensure the whole process runs as smoothly as possible.

You Can Track Your Pet As They Travel

You’ve chosen your transport service option, and you’re anxiously waiting for the scheduled date to arrive. Your nervousness builds as you start to wonder, How will my pet fare on this unusual journey?

One of the benefits of BCPT is the innovative integration of tracking technology into our services. Blue Collar Pet Transport makes it simple to follow your fluffy friend’s trip of a lifetime.

You and your family can follow your pet’s drive or flight using your mobile phone. You can ask for photos of your pet at any time. BCPT will need to enable location sharing, so be sure to express your interest in this function before your pet leaves.

Don’t Let Your Pet Become a Statistic

We’ve all heard the horror stories of pets stranded because of flight cancelations, or worse, injured during a rough flight. Don’t let this happen to your furry friend. Place your cat or dog in the caring, experienced hands of a Blue Collar Pet Transport handler.

Are you looking for pet relocation services within North America? Contact Blue Collar Pet Transport for a free quote today.

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